Jordan Spieth & Girlfriend Annie Verret Got Engaged on Christmas Eve

Jordan Spieth and long-time girlfriend Annie Verret are in the midst of planning a wedding. The couple got engaged on Christmas Eve of 2017. The engagement was almost postponed after Spieth got sick on the day he originally planned to propose.

“I had a decent idea and then I was pretty sick,” Spieth told “And so I had to have a backup plan. But I woke up and felt good that day and went through with it.”

Even as one of the world’s top golfer, Spieth has been adamant that family should come first.

“But, yeah, to answer your question, absolutely,” Spieth said to the New York Post. “[Golf is] not No. 1 in my life. And I’ll have a family of my own some day and that will be — golf will be fourth. So as of now, you know, my relationships I have with my best friends and my family and my girlfriend are second and golf’s third.”

Annie Verret Is the Director of Development at The Birthday Party Project

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Annie Verret looks on at the 2018 Sentry Tournament of Champions.

Like Spieth, Verret is also focused on her career, a good portion of which has been spent working with non-profits. According to Verret’s LinkedIn profile, she is the Director of Development at The Birthday Party Project, a Dallas-based organization that focuses on empowering homeless youth by throwing them birthday parties. Verret has been working for The Birthday Party Project since 2017.

The Couple Has Not Announced a Wedding Date

Spieth and Verret have not announced a wedding date, but it would not be a surprise if they used the golf off-season to have a wedding. Spieth believes being a married man can only help him on the golf course.

“No, I think it’s important to have a really nice balance of, obviously, the grind, but then the stress-free kind of take your mind off it and also enjoy the fruits of your labor,” Spieth told If we don’t have celebrations of different things that we’re able to accomplish in life, whether it’s a wedding or it’s a great year, or whatever it is, then you’re going to look back in 20 years and say, I just worked my whole life. If we have the luxury of being able to go out and do that, then I think we’ll enjoy doing so.”

As for the engagement, the couple got to share the moment with family who had come into town.

“It was nice,” Spieth recalled the engagement to “My brother was in town and her sister got in town, so we had our families there afterwards and it was a great night, really excited…I was pretty confident…I’ll probably at some point end up forgetting the British but I won’t probably forget the engagement.”

Verret was recently seen in Paris at the 2018 Ryder Cup to support her fiance on the greens.

Source: Heavy Sports