Janoris Jenkins’ Kids: How Many Children Does the New York Giants Player Have?

Police found a dead body at the New Jersey home of New York Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins. According to TMZ, Jenkins was not home at the time, as he has been spending time in Florida. Further details of the investigation are unknown at this time.

Jenkins is a father of five. According to the New York Post, he has five children, ranging in age from 4 to 9, with four women.

“It ain’t a lot. It’s just five kids. A lot is something you can’t handle, and I can handle five kids. I’m a great father. I take care of my kids. I do what I got to do. I’m not the guy that’s gonna flash my kids, put ’em out on social media for everybody to see. It’s a blessing to me. Because you got to look at it, I got five kids. I’ll be there for five kids. I can take care of five kids. I could see if I wasn’t able to be there, I wasn’t able to be around, hang out with ’em or nothing, then it would be a problem, but I don’t have those type of problems,” Jenkins told the New York Post back in 2016.

Source: Heavy Sports