Isaac Haas Injury & Brace: Details on Fractured Elbow

After Isaac Haas was ruled out for the season on Friday, later reports indicated there was a slim chance Haas could play Sunday against Butler. According to the Journal & Courier’s Nathan Baird this looks unlikely as the Purdue big man is not in Purdue’s starting lineup. Matt Haarms got the start for Purdue in place of Haas. Baird detailed Haas’ pregame warmup noting the big man looked to be in significant pain, and did not attempt a shot prior to the game.

Haas as expected emerged from Purdue’s locker room for warm-ups wearing a significant brace on his right arm. He grimaced and looked extremely hesitant when attempting any right-handed shot more than a few feet out.

He stood at the free throw line and lined up to shoot, but never actually attempted a shot.

From what he showed in warm-ups, regardless of Haas’ health, his mobility at this point displayed that he would not be an asset to Purdue today and would very likely be a liability.

According to the Journal & Courier, Purdue successfully won an NCAA petition to allow Haas to wear a brace on his fractured right elbow, but the big man is unlikely to play even with the brace.

Here’s a look at Haas warming up with the brace on his right elbow.

Source: Heavy Sports