Is Harry Maguire’s Tweet About IKEA Real?

Is Harry Maguire’s Tweet About IKEA from 2016 Real? Most likely not as the Leicester City and England star defender only set up his Twitter account in 2017. A tweet appeared on social media during England’s 2-0 victory over Sweden in the World Cup quarter finals that read, “Just spent four hours putting together a flat-pack f***ing desk lamp. I will seek vengeance on the nation of Sweden, in this life or the next.” The alleged tweet was sent on June 2, 2016 from Maguire’s @HarryMaguire93 account.

Not only was Maguire’s account only set up in 2017, an advanced Twitter search of Maguire’s account indicates he’s never even mentioned “Sweden” in a tweet, ever. Some have pointed to the fact that Maguire is wearing his Leicester City kit in the supposed 2016 tweet as proof that it is false. However, if you call up an old tweet that would have been sent when the user had a different profile photo, the tweet will appear with the current profile photo.

These tweets from Maguire after England’s victory are legit:

Maguire scored England’s first goal in their 2-0 victory in Samara on July 6.

Source: Heavy Sports