Gordon Hayward’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward and his wife Robyn are expecting their third child, Robyn announced in a gender reveal clip via Instagram.

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The Haywards, who already have two young girls, will have their third child in January. For the gender reveal, they opened a box with balloons in it. When pink balloons floated from the box, it appeared that Gordon was hoping for a boy. “Woah, it’s a girl,” Gordon said, while tapping a balloon. He proceeded to kick the air as he turned away. When Robyn asked him if he was happy, Gordon responded, “Daddy’s always happy.” We’re sure Gordon is actually happy to add another child to their growing family, but his reaction to the gender reveal shows that he probably had his heart set on having his first boy.

Here’s what you need to know about the Hayward family:

1. Gordon Once Wrote That Having a Son Named Gordon Was “a Matter of Carrying on a Family Legacy”


In a 2015 blog post commemorating the birth of his first daughter, Gordon wrote that if the child had been a boy, they would’ve named him Gordon.

“I’m actually the fourth Gordon, and it’s a matter of carrying on a family legacy.” Some fans might be surprised by that, as Gordon is not a “junior.” His father, though, is also named Gordon.

This sentiment and desire to extend the family name to a fifth generation may explain why Gordon seemed slightly upset in the gender reveal video.

2. The Couple Got Engaged on Christmas Eve After 5 Months of Dating

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It’s unclear how the couple met, though they both attended high school in Indiana. The couple began dating in 2013, when Hayward was 23 and playing for the Utah Jazz, and Robyn was 19 and had just graduated from Bishop Chatard High School. After five months of dating, Gordon proposed on Christmas Eve 2013.

They married on May 24, 2014 at St. Simon the Apostle Church in Indianapolis.

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3. Their Family Grew in 2015 & Again in 2016

A year after marrying, the Haywards welcomed their first child, Bernadette Marie Hayward, on June 6, 2015. Gordon wrote a heartfelt blog post chronicling the birth a month later.

When the baby comes out, everything is kind of a blur. Your head fills with all these thoughts. It’s amazing that a baby is inside her mom for months, almost under water, and then she comes out and immediately knows how to breathe and move around. It was cool to witness what she was going through, and experience everything for the first time. I cut the umbilical cord, which was pretty cool. In no time, they put Bernadette on Robyn’s chest.

He explained how they settled on the name, attributing it to two names from Robyn’s side of the family: her grandfather Bernard combined and Robyn’s middle name, Marie.

Afterward, I held Bernadette for the first time. She has my eyes. Other people have said that she’s got my wife’s mouth and nose. I can’t really tell yet, but she definitely has my eyes. I’ll never forget the way she looked at me. I don’t know if she could see me or anything, but I felt like there was a connection there. She knew who I was. That was pretty awesome.

Robyn gave birth to their second child, Charlotte Margaret Hayward, on July 11, 2016.

4. Gordon’s Daughters & Family Lifted His Spirits While He Recovered From His Gruesome Injury

As Gordon recovered from his season ending injury in the 2017-18 season, both girls appeared to lift his spirits.

Hayward’s devastating injury, a fractured left tibia and dislocated ankle, happened in the first quarter of the Celtics’ opening game of the season.

The girls also helped make their dad more fashionable by decorating his leg cast with pretty stickers.

Just one day after Gordon’s injury, Robyn posted an update on Instagram. “Gordon is so tough and is the strongest worker, so I know he will come back stronger,” she wrote.

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Gordon’s father thanked everyone for their prayers in his own post that day.

5. Gordon’s Father & Robyn Defended His Decision to Choose the Celtics


Gordon’s decision to join the Boston Celtics last offseason obviously didn’t sit well with Utah Jazz fans. Before Gordon made his decision, though, Gordon’s father caused a stir on social media after retweeting a video of Gordon’s time with Jazz captioned with “#Stayward.” His father took to Twitter shortly after retweeting the video, affirming his support for whichever decision his son made.

After Gordon decided to sign with the Celtics, Robyn posted a farewell to Utah along with a few words for disgruntled Jazz fans.

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“Also, as for all the mean comments and threats. Don’t forget athletes are humans too. Treat others how you would like to be treated. It would never cross my mind to speak so negatively and so full of hate about oneself or their family,” she wrote.

Even though Gordon’s father would’ve supported his son’s decision regardless of team, he may have inadvertently prophesied the move. In 1988, Hayward Sr. received a photograph of Celtics legend shooting over Michael Jordan. His friend had altered Bird’s hair and the name on the back of the jersey to read “HAYWARD.”

Source: Heavy Sports