ESPN Predicts That Dak Prescott Will Be a $100 Million Man

Could Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott earn himself a massive contract in the near future? If you were to ask somebody this question after the 2016 season, you would’ve heard Cowboys fans suggesting that Jerry Jones should make that happen ASAP. In 2018 though, the perspective might’ve changed a bit. Are the Cowboys unsatisfied with Prescott? It doesn’t sound like it. But the real question is, just how satisfied are they with Dak?

Let’s be honest here, Dak Prescott has seen better days. He isn’t playing as bad as he did during the stretch last season where they didn’t have Ezekiel Elliott, but he isn’t looking like the NFL’s MVP, either. Through five weeks of football, Prescott has thrown for 961-yards (24th), five touchdowns (T-24th), and four interceptions (T-14th).

So, he isn’t precisely the league’s top dog. It’s kind of crazy considering the outstanding rookie year that he had. But the Cowboys won’t fault Prescott, no. All of the blame will fall solely on the receivers, coaching, and protection before it falls on the quarterback.

At this point, it really seems like the Cowboys are going to try and stick with Prescott, rather than look for another quarterback. Meaning, the Cowboys would have to pay up for an extension within the next year. And if that’s the case, ESPN suggests that Prescott could be one of five players that will cash out on the NFL’s $100 million contract sweepstakes.

Dak to Be a $100 Million Man?

Franchise quarterbacks are hard to come by. So if it takes spending $100 million to keep them around, then teams are going to do it. But what happens when you’re unsure? Look at the Washington Redskins, for example. They liked Kirk Cousins. But they didn’t LOVE Kirk Cousins. So, Cousins took his services elsewhere and got himself $84 million guaranteed.

Now, the Cowboys have to decide whether they love Prescott or not within the next year. By the looks of it, the organization doesn’t seem to be letting go of him anytime soon. Knowing how tricky the market is nowadays for quarterback’s it sure seems like Prescott’s raise will come from the Cowboys. Here’s ESPN’s take on the situation.

Bargain QB deals for starters don’t exist. So if Dallas decides now is the time to double-down on Dak, doing so at less than $20 million annually is far-fetched. One personnel man evaluated paying Dak this way: “I would definitely pay him more than [Blake] Bortles, Jameis Winston and Derek Carr. Just not as much as the top guys.”

In a weak NFC East division, the Cowboys still have the opportunity to squeeze in a Wild Card spot. It’s not guaranteed, but also not far-fetched. If Prescott can somehow remain semi-decent, and finish with a winning record, there’s a good chance that Dallas locks him up for the long-run over the offseason. Then, they will shift their attention to surrounding him with some better talent.

Source: Heavy Sports