Ernie Johnson: Blood Clots to Keep Play-By-Play Man Away From MLB Postseason

Ernie Johnson won’t be handling play-by-play duties for TBS broadcasts of the MLB postseason for the first time in almost a decade.

Doctors discovered blood clots in the veteran broadcaster’s legs. On Monday morning, Johnson announced on Instagram that he’d be sidelined for the playoffs.

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“Hey everybody, it’s that time of year again,” Johnson said. “Baseball’s postseason. It’s a great time of year. But this year I’m not going to be able to be part of it on TBS and I felt like I should at least let you know what’s going on. Went to the doctor the other day, had a physical, and they discovered blood clots in both of my legs. The doctors have advised me against flying, they put me on blood thinners. Talked to the bosses at Turner, lots of discussions with my family and the best course of action is to stay grounded at this point. Not fly, and during this time, when you’re doing the playoffs, there are a lot of flights in a compressed time.

“Blood clots are nothing to be messed with. So as tough as it is for me to miss baseball’s postseason, it’s the thing to do. So I’m gearing up, staying on the ground, getting ready for basketball season, but I’ll be watching the playoffs. Brian Anderson, Don Orsillo, two of the great play-by-play guys in baseball, and I’m sure they will do a wonderful job and you’ll enjoy listening to them.”

Johnson began covering the MLB playoffs for TBS as a studio host in 2007. He moved into the broadcast booth in 2010.

Source: Heavy Sports