El Chucky Lozano Chant: Mexico Supporters Remix ‘Seven Nation Army’

Fans watching the World Cup from home may have heard Mexico fans new chant surrounding their new hero, Hirving “Chucky” Lozano. The chant goes to the tune of the White Stripes “Seven Nation Army” as the supporters simply yell “El CHucky Lozano” in unison. The supporters can typically be heard on the broadcast as the Mexico national team enters the field with their opponent. The 18’s Connor Fleming explains how Mexico has taken a played-out song, and given it new life thanks to the chant.

The riff on “Seven Nation Army” is good, but it’s not so good that it should set the barometer for stadium energy levels at every major international tournament for the rest of time. So credit to Mexico supporters, who’ve been sensational throughout the competition, for turning the slapper into a banger with this homage to el Chucky Lozano.

Lozano has been one of the many bright spots for Mexico. His play has transfer rumors heating up, connecting him with big-time international clubs like Barcelona. Why does Lozano go by the name “Chucky?” Lozano enjoys scaring his teammates whenever it is possible, and his teammates started to call him “Chucky” after the scary doll from the horror movies. FIFA explains how the Chucky nickname came about.

Hirving Lozano may not bear any physical resemblance to a small, evil, red-headed doll, but he still goes by the nickname ‘Chucky’.

He earned the moniker for a rather more innocent form of torment than his namesake after joining the youth academy of Mexican club Pachuca as an 11 year old. There, he not only stood out because of his exceptional footballing ability, but also because of his custom of hiding under unsuspecting team-mates’ beds at night and scaring them before they went to sleep.

Source: Heavy Sports