Dino Guilmette: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Former boxer Dino Guilmette has been named as the father of Shayanna Jenkins, Aaron Hernandez’s former girlfriend’s, baby. The Long Island-native Guilmette, 39, was first named in a report by Radar Online. Speaking to Radar, Guilmette said that the pair “just hit it off from the beginning.” He said that the couple met through mutual friends. Guilmette added, “I’m going to have my hands full but I’m happy about it. I’m excited. It’s my daughter. She will have two sisters. I have another daughter from a previous relationship and then there’s Shayanna‘s daughter with Aaron. It’s very exciting.”

Jenkins said on May 22 that she was expecting a baby in an Instagram post but didn’t reveal the identity of the father. Jenkins wrote, “Many of you have had speculated that I may be expecting another miracle which is very accurate… I wanted to have a moment for myself alone with my daughter… we are beyond excited about the new addition and chapter we will soon begin… I couldn’t be a luckier woman to have such a perfect little girl that’s prepared to become the best big sister, and even more blessed to welcome another babygirl to our home. BabyG we are very excited to meet you !!! Mommy and sissy will continue to wait patiently for your arrival.”

There had been speculation that Aaron Hernandez’s sperm may have been smuggled out of prison prior to his suicide in April 2017. Hernandez was serving life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of former friend Odin Lloyd. Just prior to his suicide, Hernandez had been acquitted of the double murder of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Guilmette’s Father Says Jenkins Is a ‘Really Special Person’

Guilmette’s father, Bill, gushed about Shayanna Jenkins when speaking to Radar Online. He said, “Shayanna is a lovely young lady. She really is a special person. I adore her. I’ve watched all of my kids get married. I’ve married all of them off so far, except Dino. So hopefully that’s next.” When asked about Aaron Hernandez, Guilmette’s dad said, “That’s another era in our life that’s completely done and over with. But I feel bad for Aaron too. I did some research. His father was a fantastic person. When he died, I think thats when everything went downhill for Aaron. Beside all the injuries to his brain. I mean he had the worst case of degenerative brain disorder when they autopsied his brain.” Bill Guilmette added that “he couldn’t wait for the baby to come” and that the child would be a “bright spot” for the family.

During Aaron Hernandez’s murder trial, Shayanna Jenkins was indicted on perjury charges relating to the death of Odin Lloyd.

2. Guilmette Has Been Referred to as a ‘Big Bully around Town’ in Providence

WPRI reported July 2017 that Guilmette, who is referred to as someone who had trained in boxing but never had a bout, was to fight a rival, former baseball player Louis Savastano. The station’s details that the pair were competing in Brawl for All, a promotion that seeks to get real life rivals to square off against each other in the ring.

Guilmette told WPRI about Savastano, “I don’t like him at all.” While Savastano said, “He’s just a bully around town. Big tough guy. We banged heads a couple of times.”

3. Guilmette Goes by the Name Joseph Lizzi on Facebook

Dino Guilmette Facebook page

Facebook/Dino Guilmette

On his Facebook page, Guilmette goes by the moniker Joseph Lizzi. According to his LinkedIn page, Guilmette is self-employed. He graduated from the University of Rhode Island Feinstein Providence Campus with Masters of Business Administration in Finance in 2000. That page says that Guilmette lives in Cranston, Rhode Island.

4. Guilmette Has a Detailed Criminal History

Dino Guilmette

Facebook/Dino Giulmette

Online records show that when Guilmette was 18 years old, he was arrested for felony assault and sentenced to one year of probaction. A few months earlier, Guilmette was accused of the malicious destruction of property, that case was dismissed. He also had charges of wilful trespass in January 2005 and simple assault in October 2005. For the assault charges, Guilmette was sentenced to one year of probation.

5. A Former Teammate of Hernandez’s Had Been Adamant That the Baby Did Not Belong to the Disgraced Patriots Star

Source: Heavy Sports