Derrick Rose Wants to Win Sixth Man of the Year

The youngest MVP in NBA history now has a goal to be the sixth man of the year.

Derrick Rose, the injury-plagued Bulls legend who now plays for the Timberwolves, said in an interview with NBATV that his goal for this season is to be the sixth man of the year.

“Coming off the bench now–when I was younger I wanted to win MVP. This year coming off the bench my goal is to win Sixth Man of the Year. That’s just my goal.”

Rose said that the key to it is patience; if he could tell his younger self one thing, it would be to have more of it. And young D-Rose was certainly eager. The older, wiser Derrick has realized that sticking to the basics and helping the team is just as productive.

The Sixth Man Award is in the Cards

Rose seems to have taken his own advice to heart this year and is thriving. He’s coming off the bench and scoring close to 15 points per game–a number that closely resembles his average in his younger years–and contributing solid assist and rebound numbers as well.

Last year’s sixth man, Eric Gordon, contributed 18 PPG along with a few rebounds and assists. So it’s not unreasonable for Rose to have his eye on the award. So far this season he has seemed to have regained some of his confidence and athleticism–he’s playing carefully, but actively–and if he keeps it up and the Timberwolves do well, the award will be all but his.

One hiccup could be the tenuous state of the Wolves franchise at the moment. Jimmy Butler’s trade drama could put a stick through the spokes of the team’s prospects, but if they can get some good pieces in return for Butler (which, they likely won’t settle for anything less), the Timberwolves will certainly be able to compete with almost anybody in the NBA. The more successful they are, the more likely Rose is to reach his goal.

In the NBATV interview, he continued, “You want to talk about accomplishments or goals: Me coming off the bench…I feel like I could win that award.”

As a former rookie of the year and a former MVP, it would be fitting for him to win the Sixth Man this year in his new role with the Wolves.

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Source: Heavy Sports