Dennis Robertson, Kawhi Leonard’s Uncle: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Dennis Robertson is NBA star Kawhi Leonard’s uncle and chief advisor. In July 2018, it was widely reported that Leonard had been traded from the San Antonio Spurs to the Toronto Raptors. Robertson is the brother to Leonard’s mother, Kim Robertson. In January 2008, Mark Leonard was shot-and-killed at the car wash he owns in Compton. The killers are still at large.

Late in the 2017/18 season, Leonard ignored pleas from his teammates to rejoin the team prior to their playoff game with the Golden State Warriors. In total, Leonard played nine games during the season having suffered multiple injury problems. At the beginning of 2018, Robertson denied rumors that there was a rift between the Spurs and Leonard. Robertson described the two sides as being in “Lockstep.” Robertson works closely with Leonard’s other advisor, agent Mitch Frankel.

Here’s what you need to know about Kawhi Leonard’s uncle and chief advisor:

1. ESPN Reported that the Spurs Felt Leonard’s Advisors Had an ‘Ulterior Motive’ & the Robertson Was ‘Difficult’

ESPN published a feature in May 2018 about the apparent problems between Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs. Citing sources, the network quoted sources saying that the Spurs felt that Leonard’s advisors, notably Dennis Robertson, had an “ulterior motive” and were trying to earn Leonard a trade to Philadelphia, New York or Los Angeles. In the midst of Leonard’s 2018 injury problems, the Spurs said that Robertson had been pressing for Leonard to get an outside opinion on his health.

The article goes on to describe Robertson as “difficult” and alleges, citing sources, that Leonard’s uncle was “trying to parlay his nephew’s success into his own marketing company.” Robertson is not a certified agent and was trying to set up a company similar to LeBron James’ company, LRMR, according to ESPN. A source is then quoted as saying that Leonard “really trusts” Robertson. ESPN reported in March 2018 that Robertson had walked away from a $22 million extension offer from the Spurs because he felt it was not good enough for Leonard.

2. Robertson Is the President of the Elite Athlete Division at Protocol International

Kawhi Leonard Uncle


According to his LinkedIn page, Robertson is the president of the elite athlete division at Protocol International, in the New York City-area. Robertson describes himself on the page as being an “award winning Banking Executive with over 30 years of experience in corporate branding, training and development, campaign marketing and promotion, and staff recruiting.” During his career in finance, Robertson worked for American Express, Carver Federal Savings and JP Morgan Chase.

Robertson is also described as having “personable leadership skills, and proven track record of service excellence.” In his role with Protocol International, Robertson says “his mission and purpose is to develop high performance teams and individuals.” He has been with the South Orange, New Jersey, based company since 2014. Robertson is a graduate of Dorsey High School, class of 1980, and the College of Idaho’s Albertson Business School, class of 1987, where he studied business administration.

ESPN’s March 2018 feature on Leonard says that Robertson makes “seven figures a year” from a real estate investment on Madison Avenue in Harlem. The same article calls Robertson a “contractor” for Impact Sports. Impact is a sports agency that is based in Boca Raton, Florida, and was founded by billionaire real estate developers Jeff and Joseph Sutton, reports Forbes.

3. Robertson Is ‘Close’ With Kyrie Irving’s Dad & Has Heard ‘Horror Stories’ About Playing With LeBron

Speaking on Fox Sports’ First Things First earlier in June 2018, Chris Broussard said that Leonard should avoid playing in Los Angeles and with LeBron James. Broussard said, “I get wanting to be in LA, wanting to be at home, you’re from here. But man, I think Boston and Philly are both better options. I know his uncle who is advising him, Dennis Robertson, is close with Kyrie’s dad. I have no idea how Kawhi feels about playing with LeBron but I know that his uncle has head whatever horror stories Kyrie had that led him to want out of Cleveland, Dennis Robertson has heard.” Broussard continued, “I don’t know how that affects Kawhi or even Dennis, whether he would want him to play with LeBron, but I know he has heard stories. If Kawhi and Kyrie tight and I don’t know that they are not, why in the world couldn’t you stay in Boston and build something there?”

4. Stephen A. Smith Believes that Robertson Is the Source of the Problems Between Leonard & the Spurs

In an episode of ESPN’s First Take in February 2018, Stephen A. Smith said that he believed that Dennis Robertson was the source of the problems between Leonard and the Spurs. Smith said, “Let me say this: I’ve been told directly that the uncle has been the problem. So I’m not deducing it to the uncle. I have been told directly that the uncle has been a problem for the organization, even though he has categorically denied that.”

5. Robertson Says His Favorite Story About His Nephew Involved a Trip to White Castle

Roberts told My San Antonio about his favorite Kawhi Leonard story, saying it involved a trip to White Castle in New Jersey where Leonard ordered “four or five cheeseburgers.” When the pair went to pay, Leonard took out single dollar bills rather than use a $20. Robertson said, “Man, if you don’t give me the $20 to pay for these burgers… you gotta be kidding me.” On another trip to Five Guys, a different burger restaurant, in New York City, Leonard complained that the burgers, at $4 a piece, were too pricey compared to San Antonio.

Source: Heavy Sports