DeMarcus Cousins Injury: ‘Good Progress’ Is Being Made

The Golden State Warriors may be shorthanded, but it clearly isn’t a huge deal right now. The defending champions are currently 3-1 on the season, despite not having their newly acquired Center, DeMarcus Cousins. Obviously, everybody knows that the Warriors didn’t necessarily need Cousins in the offseason, but as you know in the NBA, the rich get richer, and that’s precisely what the Warriors did with their signing of DeMarcus Cousins.

Unfortunately, Cousins’ debut for the Warriors remains on hold for a while. As he continues to battle with his torn Achilles tendon, Cousins is still not able to practice in full just yet. A lot of his workouts during practice are most individual work in the weight room or the training room as he cannot do any real contact drills at the moment.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr remains optimistic about Cousins injury, as he believes that Cousins will be able to join the team in practice very soon. Although he won’t be able to scrimmage with the starters to get some gametime-like practice, Kerr made it clear that he would set Cousins up with the younger, and less experienced guys with a scrimmage upon his return.

Any Idea on a Return?

“I think he’ll be more involved in practice,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “He’s been doing a lot of individual work most of the young season. He has not participated in most of our practices. He’s done work in the weight room, the training room, on the floor before practice, so I think we’re going to start seeing him involved in more of our team activities.

Steve Kerr is excited to get Cousins back to practice very soon. But when will the big man be able to return to the court for some game minutes? Well, it might be too early to tell. Despite having his injury occurred back in January, it still might be too early to say when Cousins can actually make his Warriors debut in 2018-2019.

So, when asked about a timetable for return, Steve Kerr remained stern. Like many head coaches would, he avoided giving an estimated return date. “We’re not going down that path,” Kerr said to the media when somebody asked the obvious question that we were all wondering.

Source: Heavy Sports