Dak Prescott to Cowboys Receivers: ‘Help Me Out’

Dak Prescott, in the midst of the worst season of his career, thinks Dallas Cowboys receivers could do more to help the team’s listless passing game.

From the Forth Worth Star-Telegram:

Prescott acknowledges his accuracy issues have hurt the Cowboys but is also begging, pleading and demanding that the receivers help him out by coming back strong to the ball and making contested catches on a more consistent basis.

“I mean, (expletive), I’m not perfect by any means, I don’t make every throw,” Prescott said. “That’s when we go to the sidelines and I say exactly that, ‘hey, help me out’. It’s just about knowing ‘’hey,help me out, come back to the ball, don’t stop coming back to it’.”

The Cowboys quarterback added that such messages have been well-received by his teammates.

“That’s where I give these guys a lot of credit because we talk, we communicate, there’s not any beef or tension from when I go to you on the sidelines and say, ‘Hey, come back and help me out.’ The timing may seem like I’m (cursing) you out but it’s not,” Prescott noted. “It’s great communication and that’s why I give these guys a lot of credit because they allow me to do that and we can be straightforward with each other.”

Dak Prescott’s Struggles

The Cowboys are 2-3, 30th in the NFL in points and passing yards per game.

Since Prescott’s Offensive Rookie of the Year campaign in 2016, his completion percentage, touchdown percentage, interception percentage, yards per game, yards per attempt, Quarterback Rating, QBR, and sack percentage have all gotten worse in each season.

“Obviously, I haven’t had my best showing of that here recently,” Prescott said. “There’s area for improvement. I can do that. That’s why I go out there every day and just try to do that in everything I do, get my feet right, make sure it’s all in line, feet and eyes in line, just make sure the ball is coming out of my hand the right way.”

Errors Late in Loss to Texans

Prescott lamented the team’s mistakes late in their recent 19-16 loss to the Houston Texans, like a protection breakdown that led to a sack while the quarterback hoped to find tight end Blake Jarwin with under three minutes remaining, and a pre-snap read missed by wideout Allen Hurns.

“You can’t let the outside seep in here and get in your head because they don’t see those plays,” Prescott said. “They don’t see that Jarwin’s wide open. You hear negative, all this, that sucks. Nah, it’s not. We’re this close. We get that smoke (hitch pass to Hurns), if he recognizes that smoke signal he might break that tackle and who knows, that might be a touchdown. It was one-on-one, Hurns and the DB. He might break that tackle and go score and yet we can’t do that, I hand it off and we’re at a four-yard loss. We put ourselves in a bad position. They didn’t do anything great. We go from a smoke that was going to get five to maybe more, to I had to hand the ball off late to [Ezekiel Elliott] for negative four yards.”

Source: Heavy Sports