Dak Prescott Is Currently Sitting on the Hot Seat

We’re not in 2016 anymore. The Dallas Cowboys offensive dominance did not last long after that magical rookie season from quarterback, Dak Prescott. Since then, the Cowboys offensive line went from one of the leagues best to having health concerns. Their receivers went from energetic and game-changing, to gone. And their running back, well, he’s still good. But the Cowboys have no balance in their offense if they are running Ezekiel Elliott into the ground 30 times a game.

So aside from the fact that we see Dallas’ limited talent on the field, where are these offensive struggles coming from? It can’t be all Prescott’s fault, right? Some may blame the playcalling. But if ask Cowboy’s head coach Jason Garrett, he will tell you that Scott Linehan’s playcalling is not the reason for the Cowboy’s offensive woes.

ESPN’s Todd Archer snatched the quote from Garrett when he said: “I think it would be false for me to say this is about playcalling.” He then followed up his quote by saying the offense as a whole needs to do better, and those playcalling duties would stick with Linehan for now, as he isn’t the cause of the problem in the eyes of the Cowboys coaching staff.

How Do the Players Feel About That?

Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley wasn’t about to let this slide without dishing in his two cents on the topic. Seeing as though the Cowboys leading pass catcher is their running back Ezekiel Elliott, many people are trying to point the finger at the receivers and their receivers in defense of Dak. Apparently, the receivers cannot get open. Well, Cole Beasley now has something to say about that.

“We’re just getting open. That’s all we can do,” Cole Beasley said. “If you watch the tape, that’s all you’ve got to do. A lot of people aren’t watching the tape. They’re just assuming. That’s fine.”

Interesting how Beasley’s quote comes just a day after another Cowboys receiver, Allen Hurns tells The Athletic that he’s frustrated due to a lack of targets. Seeing as though the Cowboys passing attack hasn’t exceeded 200 yards during the first three games of the season, Hurns is everything but pleased with his new system in Dallas.
So with all of that being said, we can all assume who everybody is pointing their finger at, correct? As Prescott is currently 27th in yards-per-attempt, 29th in yards-per-game, and tied for 25th in touchdown passes, it’s quite clear that their franchise quarterback has been the most regressed quarterback in his 2016 draft class. As the Cowboys will try to implement a game plan for a heavier passing attack for Prescott this week, it really seems like the young quarterback may be on the hot seat for his team right now.


Source: Heavy Sports