Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett Defends Amari Cooper Trade

Dallas Cowboys head coach defended his team’s decision to trade a first-round pick for wide receiver Amari Cooper.

“Obviously it’s a big decision,” Garrett told 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday. “We talked about it a lot, at all levels of our organization. I do believe we’ve done a good job selecting guys in the first round and they are cornerstone players on our team. We really believe that Amari can be that kind of a guy. He’s 24 years old. We think he has a bright future.

“The value for a player like that at his age, that’s really what it costs you. It costs you a first round pick. If we were to get him in the draft next spring, you would say, ‘Boy, is there any receiver who is as good as a guy like Amari Cooper?’ He’s not 28, 29, 30. You’re not paying for a guy for what he’s done for the past six, seven, eight years for another team.

“We feel like he has it in front of him and he can really benefit our team going forward because of the ability he has and the kind of person he is.”

Source: Heavy Sports