Could Bills’ Rookie Josh Allen Be on a Short Leash?

The Buffalo Bills have needed some veteran quarterback help for a while now. As they tried to experiment with A.J. McCarron on board, an unfortunate injury derailed those plans. And let’s be honest, Nathan Peterman isn’t exactly the best role model for a young rookie quarterback like Josh Allen anyway. So, the Bills had to do something.

On Sunday morning, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen took to Twitter to announce the Bills signing of former Carolina Panthers quarterback, Derek Anderson. The 14-year veteran joins the Bills as a veteran presence on the sideline for Allen to learn from. Well, at least that’s what we initially thought. According to Mortensen’s report, Anderson could have a larger role, if need be. Here’s what he had to say on the signing.

The Mort Report:

Could Josh Allen be on a short leash out in Buffalo? Let’s observe. Through four weeks, Allen has thrown for 666-yards, and two touchdowns. He also has four interceptions that created an ugly passer rating of 63.8. Granted, Allen is a rookie so mistakes were expected. But aside from what looks like ended up being a fluke game during week three, the rookie sometimes just simply doesn’t look like he is ready to take on the role of a starting NFL quarterback just yet.

That’s not to say that the signing of Anderson will send Allen to the bench. But reading between the lines here, it seems as though the Bills might’ve told Anderson that he could find himself some playing time if Allen starts committing to too many mistakes. We’ve seen plenty of quarterback changes out in Buffalo recently so nothing would shock us at this point.

Don’t worry, Bills fans. Allen is still the guy in the present and the future. But if he can’t remain mistake-free, and start winning some games, it sounds like there could potentially be a temporary change out there in Buffalo.

Source: Heavy Sports