Comedian Blake Griffin Resumes His Basketball Career on Wednesday

A move from Los Angeles to Detroit was undoubtedly a significant change for Pistons superstar Blake Griffin. Back in January, the collapse of the Los Angeles Clippers team chemistry forced them to send one of their most well-known players to another team in a blockbuster trade. Griffin, along with Willie Reed and Brice Johnson was shipped off to Detroit for Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic, and multiple draft picks.

Griffin was shocked when he found out that he would be traded. In the end, it was for the better as things grew sour in L.A. for both parties. From a basketball standpoint, Griffin seems comfortable out in Detroit as he looks to begin a new season with the Pistons. But for his secondary career path, everything is going to have to be put on hold.

For those who are unaware, Blake Griffin is an aspiring stand-up comedian. As shocking as it sounds, it’s not new for a professional athlete to pick up a hobby or, two during their off time. There have been instances where NBA players have turned to acting, rapping, or even cage fighting, but it’s quite rare that someone attempts one of the most frightening career paths of all in stand-up comedy.

While living out in Los Angeles, Griffin was surrounded by one of the better comedy scenes in the United States. Now, with his move out to Detroit, there isn’t much he can do to further improve his act. Therefore,  Griffin the comic is on hold as the NBA season approaches. For that, Pistons’ fans should be excited since there will be no distractions.

This isn’t new for Griffin, as he began performing in 2016. A video of Griffin at the Laugh Factory made it on to YouTube where everybody became surprised that an NBA player actually had a funny set. If you haven’t seen it, check it out!

Griffin’s First Set

Is This a Legit Dream of His?

Blake Griffin is serious about pursuing comedy. This isn’t a joke (pun intended). While out in Los Angeles, Griffin planned to practically act as an intern to learn the nuts and bolts of how everything works within the craft. And even though he’s been traded, he still returned to his former NBA city from time to time to work on his performance.

So far, Griffin has yet to test out his skills in Detroit. But we aren’t counting on that happening. With basketball season approaching, it seems as though Griffin is going to solely focus on the career that makes him millions of dollars, naturally. So for now, we are left with the few videos that are sitting around the internet as we hope that one day Griffin gets back on track with comedy after the long NBA season.

Source: Heavy Sports