Cam Newton on scary preseason hit vs. Patriots: ‘It was real bad’

If there’s one thing Carolina Panthers fans don’t want to see during preseason play, it’s quarterback Cam Newton flying through the air. And what happened to Newton on Friday during the team’s third preseason game was much scarier than that.

In a meaningless game against the New England Patriots, Newton opted to try to dive forward for a first down, was hit low and landed on his head. Here’s a look at the play, courtesy of NFL reporter Dov Kleiman:

Fortunately, Newton came out of it without any serious injury and also cleared the concussion protocol. After the game, the 29-year-old signal caller spoke to the media about the play, giving a light-hearted response while admitting the play was “real bad.”

Via Max Henson of the Panthers’ official website:

It’s not surprising to hear Newton talk about the play like this, but there’s been major concern about the quarterback’s decision making in certain situations. While the 2015 NFL Most Valuable Player is electrifying to watch, he has a habit of taking too many big hits in situations where he could likely avoid contact.

There’s little chance Newton changes his style of play, as the 6-foot-5, 245-pound bruiser has made physicality and athleticism a big part of his career, even going back to his time at Auburn.

Source: Heavy Sports