Brooks Koepka’s Workout: How the Golfer Stays in Shape

Brooks Koepka is a bit of a workout warrior, which is how he maintains his 186 pounds of solid muscle. Koepka is so committed to working out, he even lifts on the morning of tournaments. His girlfriend, Jena Sims, jokes that she hears fans remarking that he looks more like a football player than golfer.

“I think it’s hilarious to be standing in the galleries watching Brooks and hearing what people say about him,” Sims told Golf Digest. “I’ll hear people saying, ‘Oh, he’s so muscular. He looks like a linebacker.’ And I’m just standing there. I’m just glad they’re saying nice things about him. But it’s a lot of fun. Brooks’ crew, his whole team, that’s basically who I hang out with. I’m meeting the girls more and more, and I think with the Presidents Cup coming up, I’ll get closer to the girls, so I’m looking forward to it. I’m slowly making friends.”

As for his workout routine, he gave reporters a sample of what he might do in the gym.

“Like Sunday at the U.S. Open I did 225, 14 times,” Koepka told “I know that’s not that impressive. But I can get 315. So, it’s all right. I don’t know. I guess. Yeah. Compared to some guys, you watch, if you go into these public gyms, and you see these guys, I mean, they have thrown up 350, no problem. And you’re just like, all right.”

Brooks Koepka Went Unrecognized When Working Out with Dustin Johnson

Fans were freaking out when they saw Dustin Johnson working out at a local Life Time Fitnessbefore the 2018 PGA Championship, but there was little fan fare around his workout partner. Koepka was working out with Johnson, but the golfer admitted he went unrecognized by the crowd.

“Everybody wanted a picture with Dustin,” Koepka told Golf Channel. “They were talking about him as we left and I was just standing there laughing. They were like, ‘Did you see that the No. 1 player in the world was here?’ It’s like, yeah, OK. I don’t know what to say to that.”

Source: Heavy Sports