Brianna Hammond, Mookie Betts’ Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brianna ‘Bri’ Hammond is the longtime girlfriend of Red Sox superstar Mookie Betts. On August 8, Betts announced via Twitter that he and Hammond are expecting their first child together.

“This year continues to be good to me!!! Can’t wait to meet you baby Betts more life, more blessings!!!” Betts tweeted, along with a screenshot of faux-newspaper ‘The Betts Chronicle’.

Hammond and Betts keep their relationship so private that many Twitter users are exclaiming shock and heartbreak over finding out that Betts is actually off the market.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Brianna Hammond Went to Middle Tennessee State University

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Hammond graduated a semester early from Middle Tennessee State University, according to a post by Betts on Instagram.

Betts himself was supposed to go to the University of Tennessee, but decided instead to enter the draft, signing with the Red Sox in the fifth round of the 2011 draft.

2. Hammond and Betts Have Known Each Other Since Middle School

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FabWags reports that Hammond and Betts grew up in the same area, and knew each other as early as middle school. FabWags also reports that they began dating in 2005, which means that they’ve been together for 13 years.

Hammond is present in many of Betts’ earlier Instagrams, with the earliest post of her dated to 2013, proving they’ve been together for at least five years. Her own Instagram is private.

4. Betts and Hammond Are Reported to Be Engaged, Though Betts Has Not Confirmed This

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FabWags reports that Hammond and Betts are engaged and that a wedding registry under their name signifies a marriage this year. Betts has never confirmed that he and Hammond are engaged, but he also kept their pregnancy a secret until Hammond was approximately six months pregnant.

5. Hammond Calls Betts by His Real Name, ‘Marcus’

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According to a video posted by Betts on Instagram in 2013, Hammond tells the camera, “We’re heading to Salem, Virginia, and Marcus is driving.”

At mention of his birth name, Betts says to the camera with a smile, “Don’t call me Marcus.”

Source: Heavy Sports