Brandon Browner’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The NFL career of former cornerback Brandon Browner went off the rails following a shocking development in 2018. Browner, who had played five seasons in the league with three different teams was arrested in July. The situation escalated quickly after the arrest and culminated in a final decision on his future away from the field recently.

As Pro Football Talk’s Josh Alper detailed, Browner’s original arrest came in Los Angeles in July. He broke into the home of a woman he previously had been in a relationship with. The woman attempted to leave the home but he refused to allow her to leave.

On December 4, Browner entered a no contest plea to one count of attempted murder and two counts of child endangerment, according to TMZ. He was sentenced to eight years as part of the plea, unquestionably putting an end to the career of a once-promising NFL player.

Let’s take a look at Browner’s career from a financial stand and break down his net worth.

1.  Brandon Browner’s First NFL Contract Came With Seahawks

Browner was an incredible player in the Canadian Football League, so much so that it led to the Seattle Seahawks offering him a deal after multiple years away from the league. While his first stint in the NFL didn’t work out, the Seahawks signed him to a three-year deal in 2011 worth $1,613,756, as Over The Cap details.

2. He Signed a 3-Year, $15 Million Deal With Saints

In what was unquestionably his largest NFL contract, Browner was able to parlay his success as a member of the Seahawks’ “Legion of Boom” into a big payday. As Ari Gilberg of Business Insider detailed, it was worth $15 million over three years and came after his only season with the New England Patriots.

3. Brandon Browner’s Total Career Earnings Topped $12.5 Million

Browner’s big contract with the New Orleans Saints above played quite a role in his overall income throughout his time in the NFL. As Spotrac shows, the former cornerback made $12,518,357 in total cash over his time in the league.

This number includes more than $7.75 million coming just in the two seasons he spent with the Saints in 2015 and 2016.

4. Brandon Browner Didn’t Earn His Final NFL Contract

As NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero revealed previously, Browner agreed to terms on a one-year deal worth the minimum salary of $760,000 back in 2016. The deal featured no guaranteed money, so when he was released by the team prior to the year, the Seattle Seahawks weren’t forced to pay his contract.

5. Browner’s Current Estimated Net Worth is Estimated at $3 Million

It’s tough to gauge exactly how much Browner is currently worth based on his previous contracts and income, but NFL players do make a decent sum. With that said, the final years of Browner’s career came on short deals which didn’t pay as much as many other cornerbacks make.

In turn, The Squander revealed a number of $3 million as the estimate for his current net worth as of 2018.

Source: Heavy Sports