Bob Muscala, Mike’s Dad: What You Need to Know

Bob Muscala, Mike Muscala’s dad, posted a racist tweet about Jimmy Butler, which prompted an apology from Mike and his team, the Philadelphia 76ers. Bob wrote on his Twitter page, “Butler behavior not a ‘dust up.’ This egomaniacal, African American mental illness.” Muscala tweeted an article that showed a photo of Michael Jordan, Jimmy Butler and Kobe Bryant. The headline read, “The Best Practice Dust-Ups in NBA history.”

Mike Muscala dad tweet

Twitter/Bob Muscala

The tweet was made in reference to Jimmy Butler’s situation at the Minnesota Timberwolves. Despite wanting a trade, Butler trained with the team on October 10. The session ended in a “dust-up” between Butler and members of the team’s coaching staff. The Timberwolves are reluctant to trade Butler and haven’t found a deal that they like for the 29-year-old small forward. Butler allegedly yelled a Timberwolves general manager Scott Layden, “You f****** need me, You can’t win without me.” As news of that broke, Bob Muscala tweeted, “Fire Thibs, Waive Butler #stopmentallnessNOW.” That was followed up with, “Can the Wolves overcome tChicago diseases of selfishness, mafioso/dons and gang murder… And become the MINNESOTA Timberwolves again?”

The Sixers general manager Elton Brand apologized for the tweet saying, “Earlier today, I was made aware of inappropriate and offensive social media posts from Bob Muscala, father of Mike Muscala. Simply put, they are unacceptable and in no way reflective of the beliefs of our organization.” Brand went on to make reference to the fact that he is a former teammate of Mike Muscala and the racist beliefs are not “reflective of [Mike’s] own personal beliefs.”

Bob Muscala Twitter page

Twitter/Bob Muscala

Mike has also released a statement, via USA Today, saying, “First and foremost, I want to apologize for my father’s offensive social media commentary. His comments were uncalled for and inappropriate, and they do not reflect who I am. I’d also like to apologize to the 76ers and my colleagues across the NBA for the distraction my father’s comments caused. I really appreciate the professionalism and support shown by Elton, Coach Brown, my teammates and the entire 76ers organization.”

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