Bailey Bunnell, Grayson Allen’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Grayson Allen’s tenure with the Duke Blue Devils has had it’s fair share of ups and downs. But there has been one constant throughout Allen’s basketball career, his girlfriend Bailey Bunnell.

The couple has been dating since 2013, one year before Allen burst onto the national stage as a freshman with the Blue Devils. Bailey is also attending college relatively close to her boyfriend.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Bailey Attends The University of South Carolina

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In December 2014, Bailey tweeted out a picture of the scholarship letter she received from the university, giving her a significant tuition reduction and a total package worth at least $72,800. Bailey is currently a junior at USC. She is also a sister of Alpha Delta Pi sorority.

About 250 miles separate Columbia, South Carolina from Durham, North Carolina which means Grayson and Bailey are currently in a long-distance relationship. Bailey has recently visited her boyfriend at Duke. On March 6 she posted a picture on the floor at Cameron Indoor Arena alongside actor Leslie Chow.
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2. Grayson & Bailey Met In High School

The couple met while they were students at Providence School of Jacksonville, according to The high school sweethearts also attended prom together. Allen’s career began to flourish while playing basketball at Providence School, leading the team to a 90-10 record in his career in addition to winning a state title. Allen was a top-40 recruit in the 2014 high school class, according to his Duke University bio.

3. Bailey Is Religious

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Bailey’s twitter profile says she is a “Daughter of the King”, in reference to Jesus. She often quotes the Bible on social media. In one post she retweeted, it said: “‘The pain you go through doesnt compare to the joy that awaits you.’ – Romans 8:18.” Another Instagram post on Christmas Day 2016 read: “Thank you, Jesus, for your incredible sacrifice and for giving me a pup that likes to take pictures. Merry Christmas from my ❤️ to yours!”

Bailey’s boyfriend is also religious. According to his Duke bio, Grayson Allen is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He also gives back to the community by volunteering with Best Buddies. Allen was also the Vice President of the Providence School student government during his prep days.

4. Bailey Has Got A Tattoo In Memory Of Her Grandmother

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In November 2016 Bailey immortalized her late grandmother Polly with a tattoo on her left hip. The tattoo is an acronym (laloi) written in cursive. It stands for “love and lots of it”. Bailey’s caption on the photo read: “Grandma Polly always taught me and Cody to do everything with ‘love and lots of it’ (laloi). She also taught us to be classy ladies, so she’s probably glaring down at me in disapproval rn. At least we used her handwriting. Love you Polls”

There isn’t much info about the rest of Bailey’s family. reports: “Her parents are Blake and Kathy Bunnell, she has one sister named Cody Bunnell. Her parents have been married since 1985; her mom attended the University of Georgia and worked at CSX Technology.”

Bailey also recently gained a brother-in-law. In September 2016, Bailey’s sister Cody married Daniel. A month later, Bailey tweeted out their wedding video.

5. She Loves Dogs & Food

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Bailey’s Instagram feed is littered with posts of her with adorable pooches. She even called herself a “dog whisperer” in one of them. Bailey is also a dog mom. She owns a precious labradoodle named Birdie.

Bunnell is also a total foodie. Many of her pictures and tweets reveal some of her favorites cheeseburgers and mac and cheese.
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Source: Heavy Sports