Allen Robinson Defends Mitchell Trubisky’s Struggles

Mitchell Trubisky’s second season in the NFL hasn’t exactly been ideal. The Chicago Bears went all in for the former North Carolina quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft, and they have seen him struggle more often than not, unfortunately. Last year, Trubsiky had the benefit of the doubt as he was still just a rookie going through the motions and getting a feeler for what life in the NFL was like. This year, well, it’s a different story.

Over the offseason, the Chicago Bears did all that they could do to surround Trubisky with some weapons. They added a few big names for the passing game like Allen Robinson, Trey Burton, and Taylor Gabriel. Not to mention, he already has a pretty stellar backfield to work with on the offense. But through three weeks of the season, Trubisky has been struggling quite a lot, despite having some of the biggest names from the 2018 free agency pool.

So, how do the receivers feel about Trubisky’s struggles early on? NFL writer Herbeterope touched on the topic on Wednesday, and Robinson is doing everything but shooting down the confidence of his young quarterback. Here’s what Robinson had to say on Trubisky’s early struggles.

“I wouldn’t say patience, because we’re all in this thing together,” Robinson said, via Colleen Kane of the Chicago Tribune. “We want it to work. We understand as an offense we’re not perfect. Nobody is. At the same time, we have to make sure we’re on our Ps and Qs to help him out and make his job easier. We’re all in this thing together.”


Source: Heavy Sports