Allen Hurns Clarifies His Statement on Dak Prescott

The great debate of week five hasn’t been what you’re used to. Typically, weekly NFL debates consist of bad calls by the officials, or maybe even a dumb play call by one of the coaches. But there’s hardly ever a debate regarding whose fault an interception was. Well, this week that’s what all the football fans are discussing.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott threw two interceptions on Sunday Night Football this week. One of which, happened to bounce off of the hands of his wide receiver, Deonte Thompson. While some debate that Thompson should’ve caught the ball because it hit his hands, others say that Dak’s throw wasn’t really catchable.

Clearly, Hurns didn’t like everything falling on the wide receiver, so he felt like he needed to defend his position group to the public. Unfortunately, Hurns’ idea to speak his mind seemed to come off as throwing shade. Not only did he seem to throw Prescott under bus, but he was also very critical of his offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan.

Hurns described the specific play call as “the worst play call that you would make” in the situation. Knowing that his words eventually wouldn’t sit right with not only the public but the Cowboys organization as well, he felt like he needed to further clarify his statement.

Now, don’t take this as Hurns’ backtracking on what he said, because he remained candid still. But the veteran wideout did want to make sure that nobody was taking his opinion as ‘shading.’ More like constructive criticism from a competitive teammate. Here’s the exact quotes from Hurns, courtesy of ESPN.

A Moment of Clarity

“The main thing is I just want to get across it wasn’t no shot at Dak,” Hurns said. “It’s a lot that goes into it, even in the passing game whether it’s receivers getting open. It’s not just Dak making the throw. He’s also got protection issues and then sometimes he does make the throw and we leave things out there on the receiver position. It’s across the board, and so the main thing with me and (Cole Beasley), we spoke out. We’re not saying it’s not us. We’re saying it’s not just us. But a lot of people don’t understand that side of it. The main thing was it was not a shot at Dak at all.”

Hurns had no issue clearing up his statement on Dak Prescott, but he still has a firm stance on Linehan’s playcalling and decisions. When asked about his opinion of the playcalling for this season in general, Hurns responded with “I feel like it goes well sometimes.”

Again, nothing crazy here, but not the best look for Linehan and the Cowboys. Outside of the organization, Linehan has taken a ton of heat. At this point, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, and owner Jerry Jones have to continuously defend Linehan’s playcalling on what feels like a weekly basis. Once the players start throwing in some negative comments as well, it’s definitely not going to reflect very well on the Cowboys decisions.

Source: Heavy Sports