Ahmad Damra Id’d As National Guardsman in Racist Wrigley Brawl

Ahmad Damra, a member of the Indiana National Guard, has been identified as the man who yelled “beaners” and “spics” at Hispanic people during a brawl in the bleachers of Wrigley Field. The brawl broke out following the Chicago Cubs 5-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates on September 23. The game was promoted as “Hispanic Heritage Night” with the crowd being given t-shirts that read, “Los Cubs.”

Cubs’ podcast host Danny Rockett posted the original video to his Twitter account. The incident occurred in the left-field bleachers with around six people becoming involved in the fight. A good Samaritan fan can be heard yelling repeatedly, “There’s not fighting in the bleachers.” The fight breaks out again as Damra yells “s****” at the other group. The fight begins again with someone saying, “Here we go again.” Rockett then posted a second video showing the groups separated with Damra yelling that the other person threw the first punch. Damra then yells, “s****” and “beaners.” When Damra realizes he’s being recorded, Damra shouts at Rockett, “Don’t record me!”

When asked what began the fight, Rockett simply wrote on Twitter, “Racism.” Speaking to the Chicago Sun-Times, Rockett elaborated further, “I really don’t know. Probably just drunks going back and forth. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary really until it was a melee.” While Cubs spokesman Julian Green told the Sun-Times that there had been “bantering” going on between the two groups during the game with nobody coming forward to admit responsibility for the fight. The two groups were interviewed by security outside of Wrigley. Neither side wanted to press charges.

The Indiana National Guard has addressed the issue in a statement saying:

On Wednesday, September 26, 2018, we became aware of an incident allegedly involving an Indiana National Guard soldier that took place on September 24, 2018, at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. The statements made by this individual are not in keeping with the Army Values, and they do not reflect the views or beliefs of the United States Armed Forces, and specifically, the Indiana National Guard.

We take these types of situations very seriously, and the conduct of this individual is unbecoming of a service member.

The Indiana National Guard is conducting a thorough inquiry to determine the details surrounding this incident.”

Ahmad Damra Indiana National Guard

LinkedIn/Ahmad Damra

According to his LinkedIn page, Damra lives in Chicago and is a member of the Indiana Army National Guard as well as working at Serendipity Restaurant. Damra also says that he is a Marketing and Management student at Indiana University Bloomington. As the video of the brawl spread across the internet, Damra has removed his LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

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