8 Best Dart Cases: Compare, Buy & Save (2018)

If you’re a dart player, you understand the importance of a quality case. Let’s face it, dart tips are sharp, you don’t want to be carrying them around without a case. Not only does a case keep your darts protected, but they also act as storage for other accessories.

There are many kinds of dart cases. Those designed for one set of darts (3 total), two sets, three sets, and even more. Some are compact and can fit in your jacket pocket, while others resemble small briefcases. Many are constructed of durable nylon, which helps keep moisture out. Others are made of aluminum or similar hard materials. Either way, almost all dart cases have interior storage where you can keep your extra flights, shafts, and other necessary equipment.

Whatever your preference, we’ve compiled a list below with options for everyone. Take a scroll through to see what the best dart case is for you.

Source: Heavy Sports